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Welcome at ABP trade GmbH

The succesfull company located at TAUFKIRCHEN AN DER PRAM in upper austria, is your reliable partner for animal-by-products.
We have the competence for fat, bones, hides, pigskins and usel cooking oil.

Since over 10 years in use for you

Bones, fat, bristle, blood, meatparts, clawns, feathers –  all this goods is coming from slaughtering- and selecting process in big quantities, is collected in several categories.

It depends of the sort of animal but this goods are 50% of livestock-weight. To show what we mean: from pig is 62% of livestock-.weight, from bull/cow 54% und from chicken around 68%  going in human consumption. All parts coming from, for human consumption slaughtered animals (before veterinary has given free!) amount to more than 10 Mill. tons per year.


Your reliable partner for animal-by-products

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