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Legal basis

Excerpt from the Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 21 October 2009 laying down health rules concerning animal intended for human consumption, animal by-products and repealing Regulation (EC) No 1774/2002 (Regulation on animal by-products)

THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION – Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community, and in particular Article 152, paragraph 4, letter b, on a proposal from the Commission, after consulting the European Economic and Social Committee (1)
OJ. C 100, 30.4.2009, p 133 (1) After consulting the Committee of the Regions, in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 251 of the Treaty (2) Opinion of the European Parliament of 24 April 2009 (not yet published in the Official Journal) and Council Decision of vom7. September 2009. (2), Whereas

(1) Not intended for animal by-products pose risks to the health of humans and animals. Crises in the past in connection with the outbreak of foot and mouth disease, the spread of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies have shown such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy and the presence of dioxins in feed, the consequences of the improper use of certain animal by-products for human and animal health, the safety of food and feed food chain and has the trust of consumers. Furthermore, such crises may have further negative consequences for society as a whole, since they affect the socio-economic situation of the farmers and industries as well as consumer confidence in the safety of products of animal origin. An outbreak of disease could also have negative consequences for the environment, not only due to the disposal problems posed, but also in terms of biodiversity.

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