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Welcome at ABP trade GmbH – your reliable partner for animal-by-products

We got the competenz for fats, bones, hiddes, pigskins and used cooking oil

Animal-by-products as sustainable rawmaterials

Animal-by-products are often qualified as waste, but this goods are ressources for sustainable products of daily use. Modern processing processes and extraction methods make them particularly interesting as a source of highly complex, bioactive and biodegradable substances.

Customer focus – punctuality – safety – contract compliance

These are our strengths!

Bones, fat, bristle, blood, meatparts, clawns, feathers – all this goods is coming from slaughtering- and selecting process in big quantities, is collected in several categories. It depends of the sort of animal but this goods are 50% of livestock-weight.

These by-products but nevertheless provide a valuable resource for various purposes of daily life represents: Insulin as a complex, high molecular weight protein as well as fat than low-molecular feed or flour as fertilizer, of which only the elements phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers have an effect.

We care about it!

ABP trade
strong in austria

The Austrian market can not dispense with the use of animal by-products and so it is the business goal of ABP trade GmbH, as a strong partner of the domestic meat industry, to provide a reliable service and to supply these sustainable raw materials for further use. All processes are subject to the strict EU regulations, the veterinary laws in force in Austria, compliance with which is monitored by ongoing inspections.


We buy your used cooking oil!

ABP trade GmbH is doing agreements with guesthouses, restaurants, canteens, kitchens, butcher and is thus obliged to collect the resulting used cooking oils and frying fats regularly.

We also pick up your used cooking oil – just call us! +43 7719 20150 


Your reliable partner for animal-by-products

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