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Basic concept

Animal-by-products, sustainable rawmaterials

Animal-by-products are often qualified as waste, but this goods are ressources for sustainable products of daily use.

Bones, fat, bristle, blood, meatparts, clawns, feathers – all this goods is coming from slaughtering- and selecting process in big quantities, is collected in several categories.

It depends of the sort of animal but this goods are 50% of livestock-weight. To show what we mean: from pig is 62% of livestock-.weight, from bull/cow 54% und from chicken around 68% going in human consumption. All parts coming from, for human consumption slaughtered animals (before veterinary has given free!) amount to more than 10 Mill. tons per year.

Of course, the highest value from an animal or animal body remains the use as food. Nevertheless, we have to adapt to changing consumption habits and be aware of us in the EU that the generation of “fast food” (convenience) are increasingly “boneless and low fat” cooks.

Some foods stay in the slaughtering and butchering process left and can not be used as such or sold. This goods will then be by-products of the meat industry and agriculture, because no animal is slaughtered today or in the future-to manufacture leather, gelatin or biodiesel.

These by-products but nevertheless provide a valuable resource for various purposes of daily life represents: Insulin as a complex, high molecular weight protein as well as fat than low-molecular feed or flour as fertilizer, of which only the elements phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers have an effect.

Fats and proteins will always be a lot of product, they will be used as energy, fertilizers and animal feed or raw materials for the oleochemical industry.

Many common applications such as pet food, soap, fertilizers are not noticed in our environment. Simply part of everyday life.

New niches for high-quality products through innovative and effective work-extraction methods for highly complex, bioactive substances, but always find and establish itself with economic success.

Of course, the Austrian market can not do without the use of animal by-products and so it is the business goal of ABP trade GmbH to offer a reliable service as a strong partner of the domestic meat industry and sustainable supply these raw materials for further use. All processes are subject to the strict EU regulations in force in Austria veterinary laws, compliance with which is monitored through regular inspections.


Your reliable partner for animal-by-products

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