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Used cooking oil

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Used cooking oil

We buy your used cooking oil!

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Used cooking oil – fritt-fat

ABP trade GmbH is doing agreements with guesthouses, restaurants, canteens, kitchens, butcher and is thus obliged to collect the resulting used cooking oils and frying fats regularly.

According to the loading point each resulting quantities and qualities are provided by agreement with the counterparty different containers:

We offer:

  • 50 liter plastic drum with lockable lid
  • 100 liter plastic drum with lockable lid
  • 1000 liter plastic tank on pallet box pallet

Our service for you

Exchange of containers:
Depending on the agreement provided the container will be picked up by the customer;

After each delivery and unloading our trucks and trailer vehicles undergo a thorough cleaning.

The incoming barrels are in our factory in a settling tank for emptying coarse impurities can be separated.

The containers are then thoroughly cleaned inside and out with a pressure washer. (Water temperature 65 ° C with the addition of a biodegradable cleaning agent). Of course, the empty containers will be delivered only in clean condition to the customer.


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