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Scope of services

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Scope of services

Scope of services:

The ABP trade GmbH concludes agreements with meat establishments and it is the obligation arising Category 3 materials regularly pick up.

Category 3 means: Not for human consumption of certain animal by-products which are fit for human consumption but for commercial reasons, not intended for human consumption;

a) Parts of slaughtered animals, which are rejected as unfit for human consumption, but show no signs of a communicable disease;

b) Skins, hooves, horns, pig bristles and feathers originating from animals slaughtered in a slaughterhouse-

investigation, will be slaughtered on the basis of which they are suitable for slaughter for human consumption in a slaughterhouse.

c) animal by-products that are incurred in the production of products intended for human consumption, including degreased bones and greaves;

d) former foodstuffs of animal origin;

These goods are provided by the slaughterhouse containers in specially marked and ABP trade – picked vehicles. Depending on your needs are large capacity trays, roll-off containers or plastic pallet boxes provided.

All other materials (Cat 1 and Cat 2) are not covered by ABP trade GmbH but by this approved establishments (eg, TCP).

To keep the quality level as high as possible, it is one of our main goals to pass the acquired animal by-products as quickly as possible to our customers (fat melting).



ABP trade GmbH is also a certified dealer for pigskin as a precursor for the gelatin production and purchases such as pigskin from certified, controlled enterprises. The Pigskin be stored in cold rooms of the food area and sold exclusively to the European gelatine industry.

Cattle hides:

Another business division is the trading of cattle hides. Partner are certified Austrian slaughterhouses and wholesalers in Italy and Germany.

Spalt from hides:

Cattle hides are such that multiple layers can be obtained by cracking of natural thick (about 5 to 10 mm). The lower split leather (flesh split) are purchased from tanneries and delivered to the processing industry.


Your reliable partner for animal-by-products

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